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Welcome to Sans Souci Leisure Centre, one of the premier leisure centres in Australia.

At Sans Souci Leisure Centre, we offer great equipment, quality instructors, high profile coaches, comprehensive Learn to swim and Squad programs, and a pleasant environment for all your health and fitness requirements.

Overlooking the peaceful and tranquil water, our centre allows you to get fit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We’re different to other centres because we give you and your children the tools to support you on the road to fitness. and being a skilled and successful swimmer through our Swim Academy and Squad programs.

We’re here to help you and your family become active and fit for life.

We educate you about smart, effective forms of exercise and the best techniques to improve yourself with our Personal training.

We believe in a holistic lifestyle of health, fitness and education that continues when you walk outside our doors.

At Sans Souci Leisure Centre, we’re committed to you and your families’ well-being and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

We have F45 Training as part of our complex so you can find everything in one beautiful place.

Now lets get started!


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