Learn to Swim FAQs



Do you have lessons through the school holidays?

Yes we swim all year round with the exception of Public Holidays & The Xmas break.

Do my Ezi Debit Payments continue to come out through the holidays & public holidays?

You will not be charged for public holidays, but unless notified with a filled out HOLD FORM 2 weeks before your absence your payments will continue through the holidays.

How can I book a Private or Family Private lesson?

You can contact Swim Academy on 95298544 or email your requirements to swimacademy@sslc.net.au

Can I make up missed lessons?

With the presentation of a doctors certificate we can arrange a make up lesson 

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my bank account?
Ezi Debit will deduct fees from your account as per your agreement with us, if you have insufficient funds on the day your payment is scheduled to be taken out, ezi debit will charge you a $21.90 dishonor fee. We will then contact you and add the dishonored amount to your next scheduled payment. We do not charge the dishonor fee this is a fee charged by Ezi debit. 
Do I need to update my details?
Yes, if you have lost or had your card stolen or have a new card with a new expiry date you will need to update your records with us to ensure your payments are not dishonored.
What does my child need when starting lessons?
All babies are required to wear a swim nappy & suitable swimwear. Children 3 years + need goggle & suitable swimwear caps are recommended.