We are very pleased to announce that the outdoor pool upgrade facilitated by Georges River council for our 50m and Toddler pool’s will take place from 3rd April 2018

This will mean that the outdoor area, will be sealed off and NOT accessible .

If you wish to continue swimming casually there will be space available in our INDOOR heated pool, please call the center on 95298544 for space availability during this time as we use this pool for Squads and our Learn to swim program.

There WILL still be access to the gym.

If you have a center membership please continue to make full use of our Gym, cardio & weights equipment.

Squad swimming will still take place in our Indoor pool.

Speak to your coach, front desk or refer to the squad page on our website for further updates.

The upgrade facilitated by Georges River Council will include new starter blocks, retiling of the 50 meter and toddler pool and an upgraded plant room.


Thank you for your patience whilst the works continue.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to a customer service representative or email us at enquiry@sslc.net.au