Week 2 Learn to swim exercises

Week 2 Learn to swim exercises

👋💙Swim Academy Exercises at home: Seal/Shark levels🦈

👉Exercise: Glute Kickbacks
👉What you need: A soft surface, like carpet or a yoga mat. Optional: resistance band
👉How to do it: On your hands and knees with a straight back, and your hands directly under your shoulders, lift your leg back 90 degrees switching on your glute muscles! Complete 30 seconds each side for 2 sets each leg.
🎈 Challenge: Add a resistance band to make it harder!

👉Exercise: Leg raises
👉What you need: A soft surface, like carpet or a yoga mat
👉How to do it: Lying on the ground on your back, stretch out your legs. Using your abs, lift your legs to straight above your hips and slowly lower them back to the ground. You can do your leg raises to the beat of your favourite song!
🎈 Game: Do it with a sibling/friend to make it more fun!

👉Exercise: Squat wall sit
👉What you need: A wall
👉How to do it: Put your back against the wall and slide down until your legs are at a 90 degree angle with your quads straight.⁣
🎈 Challenge: 1. Add a weight to make it harder and strengthen your arms swell.
2. Verse your sibling/friend and see who can last the longest!

👉We would love to see how you guys are keeping active/completing the exercises. Tag us or send them through to us as a private message!⁣