Exciting times are coming!

Following the recent State Govt announcement in regards to outdoor pools, we are working through what this means for our pool and our community. We want to open when the time is right to allow all our customers & staff back safely, doing what we do best. Keep an eye out for an update on our Facebook page and via email if you are a member with us!

ARINSW Chairperson, said, “We are pleased that the NSW Government has listened to our calls to prioritise the re-opening of the sector. Whilst we welcome the re-opening of outdoor pools, there is still much work to do with Government to ensure that the sector is provided with clear guidance around re-opening and is adequately supported during the post lockdown phase….Today’s announcement strongly demonstrates the central role that aquatic venues will play in the successful re-opening of local communities as we ease out of lockdown.”

We are excited to be able to dive back in! Stay tuned.


Thank you for working so well with us prior to our close and we hope to continue the same standards when we re open. Your patience and ongoing support is truely appreciated.

We can confirm regarding our memberships:

All direct debit payments and memberships have been on hold since we closed on 26th June.

All memberships paid upfront will be extended for the closure time and makeups will be issued for lessons.

You can still contact us as per below.

EMAIL enquiry@sslc.net.au

WEBSITE www.sslc.net.au

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/sansoucileisurecentre